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In the late 1970s and early 1980s, when KPKJ began to manufacture electronic components and components, at the time of Asia and even the international scope, component products, whether quality or creativity, can not meet the rapid development of electronic information needs.

Over the years, KPKJ have launched thousands of categories of electronic components products, some of which even change the technology of hundreds of millions of consumers around the world. It is also this commitment to society and the same commitment to promote KPKJ continue to self-innovation, to explore new technologies.

Adhere to the "technology brand", KPKJ to now is not entirely an electronic components brand. Loyal to the brand quality, respect for ingenuity, KPKJ with practical action interpretation of history, interpretation of the KPKJ culture, interpretation of a spirit.

Over the years, KPKJ brand imprint silently engraved in people around. It is not only a symbol of quality, but also a synonym for innovation and breakthroughs. - The world of colorful, with KTJK in full bloom.

Breaking the cocoon

Breaking the cocoon

Every time there are some wonderful inheritance,

It ignited the moment, it leads the future, such as KTJK.

In the early 1980s, the birth of KPKJ met the golden age of Taiwan's technology industry.

From that moment on, when we talk about "KPKJ", it is no longer a combination of four simple letters.

Because the technology, the world is changing every day; KTJK - pilot era of electronic technology companies from the start.



KPKJ the early days,

Just a small production of electronic components factory,

Simple production line, a few temporary hired workers.

However, KPKJ has been adhering to environmental protection and high quality raw materials since the first batch of products. It takes "green environmental protection" as the focus of product research and development, and actively responds to energy saving and environmental protection.

Today, the company has the world's leading electronic components front-end design and R & D program expert team, the cumulative solution to customers over 100,000 times the switch connector program, won the unanimous praise customers.

Time flow, quality conservation.



From the 70's venture to the present nearly 40 years of the process,

KPKJ has been constantly exploring, and constantly break.

To enhance their production capacity, KPKJ joint quality manufacturers, the establishment of cooperation in the mainland manufacturing base, so KTJK bones more robust;

In order to improve the electronic product cycle, KPKJ in Hong Kong to set up warehousing logistics center, responsible for the Asian electronic components logistics, to ensure the fastest speed products to customers, KPKJ muscle so more solid;

To meet the arrival of the era of economic globalization, KPKJ set up a step ahead of the US office, linked to the global challenge the future, since then, KPKJ wings more full.

Again starting

Again starting

Strict quality management, control system, advanced machinery and equipment manufacturing around the consumer trust indispensable high-quality products.

At present, KPKJ products are widely used in home appliances, medical equipment, automotive industry, home appliances, information industry, intelligent things, automation and control equipment.

A complete industrial chain, a set of stringent product solutions, a group of determined to forge ahead of the team of experts ......

The success of KPKJ not only longitude, more latitude.

Modern and future connections; ordinary life and high-end technology connection, you and my connection;

At KPKJ, meet the future.