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Scientific and technological innovation is the strong driving force and inevitable demand for the sustainable development of enterprises. In the new economic era, the competition among enterprises is more and more focused on the competition of enterprise scientific and technological strength. KPKJ firmly implements the strategy of "science and technology promotes enterprise", fosters and develops the core technology through scientific and technological innovation, strives to hold the core technology "high-quality products", transforms the scientific and technological achievements into productive forces, realizes the enterprise structural adjustment, industrial upgrading, enhance core competitiveness, Comprehensively enhance the core competitiveness of KPKJ, and gradually established the KPKJ in the industry's dominant position.

KPKJ and the subordinate units have established scientific and technological innovation organization and management institutions, clearly the science and technology leadership, science and technology management departments and scientific and technological management personnel, introduced a series of scientific and technological innovation management rules and regulations, thus creating a good research environment. In recent years, KPKJ to further increase the scientific and technological development efforts to electronic devices as the basis, the establishment of relevant areas of science and technology experts pool, and actively promote the construction of science and technology research and development institutions. At present, KPKJ undertook a total of 46 kinds of research projects, industry-level awards 43, 17 patents, software copyright 4, scientific research funds invested about 40 million yuan.


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