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At present, KPKJ products are widely used in home appliances, medical equipment, automotive industry, home appliances, information industry, intelligent things, automation and control equipment.

A complete industrial chain, a set of stringent product solutions, a group of determined to forge ahead of the team of experts ......

Science and Technology R & D

Over the years, KPKJ have launched thousands of categories of electronic components products, some of which even change the technology of hundreds of millions of consumers around the world.

It is also this commitment to society and the same commitment to promote KPKJ continue to self-innovation, to explore new technologies.

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The late 1970s and early 1980s, KPKJ began manufacturing electronic components, at the time of Asia and even the international context, the components of the product without

On the quality or creativity, can not meet the rapid development of electronic information needs.

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Adhere to the "technology brand", KPKJ to now is not entirely an electronic components brand. Loyal to the brand quality, respect for ingenuity, KPKJ use

Practical action interpretation of history, interpretation of KPKJ culture, interpretation of a spirit.

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